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Diplomat S

Line               Door price, EUR *

ULTIMATE                    2130.00 €

ARCTIC ULTRA                1840.00 €

ARCTIC PLUS                 1650.00 €

ARCTIC                       1490.00 €

TOP                         1300.00 €

Door price ** is the base price of the catalog. Discounts are possible depending on the model, line and configuration.


Door price does not include handle and cylinder. Basic kit costs 67 EUR
All prices are indicated without VAT

Standard door frame sizes.

There is a possibility of cutting the canvas  - maximum possible reduction in width / maximum possible reduction in height. For the cost of changing the dimensions of the door, see the catalog with prices.

Razmeri dverej.jpg

For line ARCTIC, ARCTIC Plus, ARCTIC ULTRA, ULTIMATE  possible size XXL (1150mm * 2450mm) extra charge + 255 €

Vikking composite doors are a guarantee of the highest quality for the future. We have created innovative composite doors of the highest quality and durability.

You don't have to compromise!
Not all suppliers are able to meet your sophisticated door aesthetics requirements combined with the security of your home.
Progressive technologies and innovative solutions allow us to manufacture any doors of your dreams without losing quality and strength!
No other door has as much dignity as ours.
They are not characterized by the shortcomings and limitations of traditional technologies: composite doors protect from bad weather conditions, do not absorb moisture, do not corrode and retain the same high quality for decades. 

(ārdurvis,  Kompozīta durvis, entrance doors for the house, vikking)

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